About this resource.

Are You The Chosen One has been created to help tweens, teens and adults know how to respond to a friend in crisis.

Often a person going through a hard time will open up to a friend = the chosen one, and share what is going on.
For this person, opening up about what is going on can be a huge and scary step to take.

But it can also be a scary moment for the chosen one and in that moment we have to know how to respond.

This site and the posters are made specifically for that moment and the moments that follow.

If you are the chosen one and a friend tells you about something that is happening in their life…don’t freak out, stay calm and listen. 

The posters will provide you with what you can say and in the website you will find the next steps you can take to continue to support your friend and yourself! 

Click here to download the posters.